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org::jruby::runtime::marshal::UnmarshalStream Class Reference

Inherits java::io::BufferedInputStream.

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Detailed Description

Unmarshals objects from strings or streams in Ruby's marsal format.


Definition at line 60 of file UnmarshalStream.java.

Public Member Functions

void defaultInstanceVarsUnmarshal (IRubyObject object) throws IOException
Ruby getRuntime ()
byte readSignedByte () throws IOException
int readUnsignedByte () throws IOException
void registerLinkTarget (IRubyObject newObject)
int unmarshalInt () throws IOException
IRubyObject unmarshalObject () throws IOException
 UnmarshalStream (Ruby runtime, InputStream in, IRubyObject proc) throws IOException
ByteList unmarshalString () throws IOException

Protected Attributes

final Ruby runtime

Private Member Functions

IRubyObject defaultObjectUnmarshal () throws IOException
IRubyObject uclassUnmarshall () throws IOException
IRubyObject unmarshalObjectDirectly (int type) throws IOException
IRubyObject userNewUnmarshal () throws IOException
IRubyObject userUnmarshal () throws IOException

Private Attributes

UnmarshalCache cache
IRubyObject proc

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