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org::jruby::runtime::marshal::MarshalStream Class Reference

Inherits java::io::FilterOutputStream.

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Detailed Description

Marshals objects into Ruby's binary marshal format.


Definition at line 65 of file MarshalStream.java.

Public Member Functions

void dumpDefaultObjectHeader (char tp, RubyClass type) throws IOException
void dumpDefaultObjectHeader (RubyClass type) throws IOException
void dumpInstanceVars (Map instanceVars) throws IOException
void dumpObject (IRubyObject value) throws IOException
void dumpSymbol (String value) throws IOException
 MarshalStream (Ruby runtime, OutputStream out, int depthLimit) throws IOException
void writeInt (int value) throws IOException
void writeString (ByteList value) throws IOException
void writeString (String value) throws IOException
void writeUserClass (IRubyObject obj, RubyClass type) throws IOException

Private Member Functions

RubyClass dumpExtended (RubyClass type) throws IOException
Map getInstanceVariables (IRubyObject value) throws IOException
boolean hasNewUserDefinedMarshaling (IRubyObject value)
boolean hasSingletonMethods (RubyClass type)
boolean hasUserDefinedMarshaling (IRubyObject value)
boolean shouldBeRegistered (IRubyObject value)
void userMarshal (IRubyObject value) throws IOException
void userNewMarshal (final IRubyObject value) throws IOException
void writeAndRegister (IRubyObject value) throws IOException
void writeDirectly (IRubyObject value) throws IOException
void writeObjectData (IRubyObject value) throws IOException

Private Attributes

MarshalCache cache
int depth = 0
final int depthLimit
final Ruby runtime

Static Private Attributes

static final char TYPE_IVAR = 'I'
static final char TYPE_UCLASS = 'C'
static final char TYPE_USERDEF = 'u'
static final char TYPE_USRMARSHAL = 'U'

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